Timber Fencing Melbourne

Our well built, top quality timber fences are an excellent value addition for your house in many ways. While providing privacy to your home, timber fencing Werribee can enhance security, appearance and overall value. In addition to that, our timber fencing options are wonderful aesthetic upgrade to the garden too.

As a professional company, we have various timber facing Melbourne options to offer. Meanwhile, our expertise professionals will observe the site and help you to select the best matching fencing option. Our intention is to offer the most appealing timber fencing in Melbourne and its nearby areas such as Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Point Cook, Melton, Truganina, Caroline Springs and Tarneit for our clients at affordable rates.

Types of Timber Fencing solutions we offer

Our timber fencing Laverton options are highly versatile. Mentioned below are the services we offer for our clients.

Timber Fencing Melbourne

Fence Panels

Our elegant fence panels help you to create your own private area bordering your garden and the premises perfectly. Since we use high quality timber materials, our fence panels have longer life span. We rely on industrial grade, treated timber materials when building fence panels.

Our fencing panels come in various forms from the very basic ones to high-end models. Selection of the design, however, can be done after inspecting the site and considering the interest of the client. No matter if it is a commercial or a private property, we have the best timber fence panels for you.

Paling Fences

Timber paling fence Melbourne is a very common fence model among the house owners. We supply a range of timber palings in different styles. There are flat top palings, rounded top palings and pointed top palings to select depending on the necessity. Style and the color of these palings can be selected to be compatible with the garden and the surrounding.


Trellises are commonly used to divide the outdoors. However, trellises feature an open appearance without blocking the view. These fences are a great alternative to use where the standard timber fencing is not applicable. Moreover, trellis can be used to climb plants like grapevines, ivy and rose varieties.

We always make sure to install these trellises maintaining the natural appearance of the garden. The quality of the timber we use is exceptional, so our fencing work is highly durable.

Why Choose A Class Timber Fencing Contractor?

Usage of finest materials

We always use finest timber fencing materials for all our fencing installation work. That ensures the durability and superior finish to our work.


Our experts are highly creative. They always want to make the best out of your garden or the premises. After doing a complete observations, our team will come out with the most creative and appealing timber fencing solution.

A-Clаѕѕ Fеnсіng

Industry Experience

We possess years of industry experience in the field of timber fencing. Such experience helps us to offer the best fencing option maximizing the appearance, privacy and the safety of the property.


Although our services are superior in quality, we are very affordable. Contact our Timber Fencing Supplier in Melbourne and its nearby areas such as Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Point Cook, Caroline Springs and Tarneit to get our rates and more information about innovative timber fencing options.