How to Choose Best style of Fencing for your Home – A Class Fencing

When you choose fencing for your property, there are many factors that determine the kind of material to use. Do you want to create a secure perimeter? What level of privacy is required? Do you need to create a safe barrier around a pool or water feature? What style best suits your premises?

At A Class Fencing, we offer innovative technology combined with practical experience. We understand that the appearance of the fencing can be as important as the durability of the material used. We ensure that our customers are happy with the end result and that the style and material meets their needs. Here are some tips we suggest you implement when you need to construct a new fence or replace old fencing on your property.

Fence Suppliers and Installers
  • Choose a Fencing Contractor with a great business history
  • Determine that the Fencing Company offers a range of products and brands
  • Check that the products they recommend are high quality and durable

  • Ensure the Fencing Supplier listens to you and takes appropriate measurements
  • Only deal with Fencing Companies that provide a fully-itemized quotation for the job
  • Ask for examples of projects they have completed to see the results they produce
  • Make sure you are satisfied with their customer service throughout the transaction

What kind of fence should I choose?

You want your fencing to complement your premises. Choose the fencing material that looks great and will last for many years to come.

Timber fencing provides a rustic appearance and can be painted to match your colour palette. You may prefer a particular style such as picket fencing which provides a peek into the garden surrounding your home or office. Great for people who like gardening or have carefully tended grounds. Timber fencing can also provide a solid wall, blocking out curious passersby.You need to ensure that the timber is well maintained over the years. Fencing suppliers who choose quality timber will provide a solid warranty for their fencing. You need to ask them about durability and maintenance before making your final selection.

Aluminium and steel fencing adds style around your pool or garden and can be topped with a range of spearheads to add flair to your fencing. Aluminium and steel fencing also provides durability. They have excellent resistance to corrosion making them an excellent selection for long-term usage. This fencing comes in a variety of colours. If you have a pool or water feature on your premises, you need to ensure that the fencing around it is secure to keep children safe. Combining practical needs and security, aluminium and steel fencing is create a secure boundary while also being very decorative.

You might prefer a combination of materials such as a brick wall with aluminium slats that come in different finishes such as woodgrain, anodizing, or powder coating. Installed horizontally or vertically, aluminium slats can be spaced to create a dynamic pattern, while still maintaining privacy. Unlike other materials, aluminium slats will not warp, rot or rust.

Colourbond fencing is a popular choice because of the way it can secure your property and add colour to your premises. You can match or contrast your fencing to your roofing as well. This extremely durable material can be customised to include decorative elements to add interest. Colourbond has a long history of looking great over many years and makes a very practical choice for your property.

If you have a property that is sloping or has different levels, your fencing can also act as a great retaining wall. Your Fencing Contractor must take into account aspects such as drainage of moisture and strength of the chosen fencing material. Carefully placed retaining walls can mark out different areas of your garden where you can use different plantings to add colour and texture to your property.

As you can see, your fencing can make a big difference to the appearance and usage of your property, whether of residential or commercial purposes.A professional Fencing Contractor will know the best brands and styles to recommend. Make sure you take as much care choosing the Fencing Company to design and install your fence and offer a good warranty for their materials and work.